How we started


In the beginning

The Pinal County Veterans Memorial Foundation (PCVMF) was formed in January 2010, and currently consists of 23 Pinal County residents, representing communities across the County.

The foundation has four main goals

1. To establish a structure for the Foundation that will support the articulated mission, vision and the goals in perpetuity.
2. To build and maintain a structure that memorializes those from Pinal County who have lost their lives during service to our Country.
3. To maintain a living, dynamic record (a "Virtual Memory") of those who have lost their lives during service to our Country.
4. To provide education to the community about the nature of military service, and the costs of our Liberty and Freedom.

The growing years

In furtherance of these goals the Foundation achieved 501(c)(3) status in April of 2010. Our goal is to raise $300,000. The Foundation has secured the services of pro-bono legal counsel, architect, designer, artists and contractors. Local student bodies have been tapped for brochure design and a memorial structure concept contest.

A website has been established and is constantly being upgraded. Ultimately the website will also serve as a "virtual memorial" where loved ones can where loved ones can post biographical information to honor service men and women killed in the line of duty.

We will link stories and family remembrances of these fallen heroes to their names on the Hero Pages of this website. We invite friends and relatives to contact us and share their memories of these men & women.

​The Physical Memorial will list the names, but here at the "Virtual Memorial", you can share with all of us your stories and bring us all to a closer understanding of your loved ones.

Where we are going

There will also be a physical memorial. The vision for the memorial structure is that with approximately 50 visitors a day the Pinal County Veterans Memorial will be:

A place where people can come to grieve, appreciate and honor those who have served
A place to inspire patriotism
A place to find and inspire peace
A place to reflect upon the cost and pain of war, as well as the price of freedom
A place for education
A place for meditation, prayer and celebration
A place for special events recognizing the service of veterans
A place where families of veterans can come together
​A reflection of and part of Pinal County's on-going culture and living history

Ways you can help

1. Become an active member of the Foundation, attend monthly planning meetings; Contact: Frank Reyes
2. Donate your expertise in furtherance of any of the Foundation's goals; Contact: Matt Bagnall
3. Make a monetary donation to the Foundation (EIN 27-2363646) Contact: Any Board Member

​Thank you for considering this invitation, and for any support you may lend. You choice to support this effort honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we all enjoy.


Q: Have you built the memorial yet?

A: No, We are currently in the final stages of design. The plans are being submitted to the City for approval.

Q: Where will the memorial be built?

A: We are thankful of a great partnership with the city of Casa Grande. It is a central location in the county. The site will be located in master plan for the Ed Hooper/Paul Mason Sportsplex on Pinal Avenue.