How you can Help

Building Committee


Our goal is to create a setting that give veterans, friends, family and the community a peaceful place to reflect on those that are loved and who should never be forgotten. to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

Fundraising Committee


We typically hold 4 events a year to raise funds for our organization. these events bring in $15,000 - $20,000 but take lots of work. Volunteers help and many hands make light work. 

Public Relations Committee


We are always looking for help to spread the News. Everyone on the board is a volunteer so the more people we have working with us to talk about what is happening and our next steps helps. 

Community Outreach


We are constantly getting involved with other organizations to help and support local causes. It is our goal to be a foundation that not just remembers but supports. 

Share the big news


Just telling your friends and family about the project. Participating in local meetings on the second Saturday of each month to be informed and armed to help educate the community can make a big difference. 

Attend Our events


Check out our Events page to see what we having coming next. If you or someone you know would be interested in coming or helping out it is a great way to get involved.